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Providence's premier cigar lounge since 2013.


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 Jake Healey takes pride in providing a cozy, home-like atmosphere in our shop at Ale House that stogie aficionados can call home. He joins Hollywood and Rainman from frequently - watch episodes here!


The Joe's, along with Jake Healey, talk about the spotlight industry from their perspective. 

Jake Healey, Joe H, and Joe D review cigars from A.J. Fernandez, La Aurora, Casa Fernandez-Reserva, and more stogies of the week! 

Phil Zanghi is the co-founder of Debonaire House and makers of Debonaire Ultira Premium Cigars. He joins Jake Healey, Hollywood and Rainman this week for an interview!

Jake Healey is a representative of the Ale House Cigar Bar in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.  

Jake Healey, Joe Hozempa and Joe D review cigars from Fume D'amour, Cornelius and Anthony, Black Label Trading, and more stogies of the week!

Jake, Paul and the Joes review cigars from Nestor Miranda, E.P. Carrillo, Padilla, and more in this week's stogies of the week!

The distinctive lancero size has been a fixture in Stogie Geeks history. With its distinctive ring gauge and pigtail cap, the lancero is enjoyed by cigar lovers far and wide. Paul, Jake, and the Joes list their favorite lanceros in this segment!

A good smoker, like a good lover, always takes his time with a cigar.
— Guillermo Cabrera Infante